This is a picture of my best friend. Normal photo, right? Well, look closer in the back where the yellow circle is. Can you see the face? 

This isn’t just some normal chain letter. My friend died 3 nights after this picture was taken, the police having no idea how he died considering he was 18 and perfectly healthy. 

It turns out a boy died in that room a few years ago. He was murdered and then a few nights later he was found dead in his bedroom from his skull broken and slowly bleeding to death. 

If you don’t reblog this within an hour, you’ll hear a soft whimper for 3 nights straight. On the 4th night, the boy will come from your closet while you’re sleeping and kill you for not helping us put his soul at rest.

This is not fake. 3 people have already died from not passing this on. 

I wanted to not believe this but…… QQ naow I’m scared

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you can pick your bottom but you can’t pick your bottom’s nose wait what

this is rlly hot and i dont even approve of who’s the bottom 

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True Story!

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#louis no #you promised youd only do that to me #louis #lOUIS

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So I’m just going to sit here crying about how wonderful this Peter Pan is.

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Today, in being so wonderful at your job you inspire an entire Tumblr fandom.

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wouldn’t it be nice

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Again my husband being awesomely sexy and sporty. 

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